Weekend Ka Vaar With Salman Khan Details REVEALEAD

Weekend Ka Vaar With Salman Khan

#WeekendKaVaar Expectations

Salman will grill #Rubina for her bahaviour against #BiggBoss

He wont say anything to #Nikki bcz she is giving Content for now Could question

#Sidharth For His partiality

#Praise #Shehzaad

1 – #WeekendKaVaar Updates

Salman Khan to Seniors “Did you forgot that you have given what tasks to Nishant Singh Malkani to be accepted from rejected list? – Bik┬íni to wear & rejected stamp on head for a week. Have you ever remind him?


2 – #WeekendKaVaar Updates

Salman Khan grills All Freshers –

Ky aap Immunity ko lekar serious ho? Aap sab TBC ho n yaha se koi bhi bhar hosakta hai. Thief task m aap jewellery apna sab Abhinav ko dae diya? Koi apne liye nhi ladha for Immunity? In boys


3 – #WeekendKaVaar Updates

Salman Khan asked all Boys the reason behind to give all jewellery of urs to Abhinav? Is it was girls vs boys in task? Shayad Aapko Immunity ki jarurat na ho…


4 – #WeekendKaVaar Updates


Salman Khan asked Abhinav Shukla about his decision to not give his Immunity to make Rubina enter main house.


Abhinav said something like “Wo immunity sab boys ne milke jeetaya tha ..Usme sab ka contribution tha…


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