Breakup Messages

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Breakup Messages

  1. A goodbye is enough to say that Everything has ended But its certainly not enough to Hide the feelings of your heart A goodbye is not easy Coz you were my part of,My life and my destinyJust left with deft Its all the pain that is left!Goodbye to you!

  2. I am crying but you can’t see that I am waiting for that smileThe lost love that I had for a while Why love hurts so much I don’t know It’s all a part of my lifeWill not be able to survive With this pain anymore Good bye from me!

  3. I will erase all the memories from my heart I will erase your name too But you only give me a clue How will I erase you from a part of me Coz you were a part of my soul too Lost love and feelings are sad Never really felt so bad As I am feeling today!Goodbye from me to you forever!

  4. The pain and those tears may dry up But the feelings of heart will remain May not believe in love any more That is a thing off shore Coz heartbreak is too much to handle So I have decided that i will love no more Goodbye from me!

  5. Breakup is a word that crosses the heart It’s the end of that perfect start The cord is broken when two hearts don’t meet,When things aren’t really mendBreakup is a painful timeBut I guess it’s all destined Final goodbye from me,There is nothing left to see!So a final goodbye from me to you!

  6. When you invest in someone your time and love It’s not easy to leave them As you left me alone all crying in vain You will also feel the same pain Wait for your time A goodbye from my side!For so many broken banes!A final goodbye from me to you!

  7. The relation lasts because of love It’s always the give and take But I only loved you for our sake Destiny had some other plans And you believed in hate Let go as it’s over now Coz time will not really change! Goodbye forever!

  8. Time and moment spent with you Will never ever come back again I can smile and I can just pretend But deep down I know that I am suffering Because of the heartbreak Because your love for me was fake!

  9. The time has come to tell you goodbye We couldn’t complete this journey of love We couldn’t be one in this frame Things will change and life will go But without you Nothing will remain the same Good bye with my broken heart!

  10. The heart is filled with desire and love There is no place for shoveBut when someone breaks the heart the pain is felt Emotions on burn, love melts That is the pain of heartbreak That is the pain of breakup Have you already felt!Goodbye from me to you!

Breakup Messages Images

Breakup Messages
Breakup Messages
Breakup Messages
Breakup Messages
Breakup Messages
Breakup Quotes
Breakup Messages
Breakup Messages and quotes

Breakup Quotes

  1. It was not easy for me Coming out of my ecstasy It was not easy to let go Things that I wanted to know It was not easy to be out of love Not easy with that shove But I have moved on I am not in love with you anymore!Goodbye from me!

  2. Love lost and many cries I have had the chance to try Things do change with time But this love as lost charm, It’s all over and its all sad Things in stride and I have had Enough of this love for me A final goodbye from me to you!

  3. It’s all over when your heart knows It is all over when you are to show Things may change with time You know what is truly prime Everything will change for a reason And your heart will break for sure As mine just did today It’s all over from me to say Goodbye from me to you!

  4. Glad that it’s all over between us There was no love left anyway We used to fight each day No point in living in love When no one is really happy Goodbye from me to you It’s a final goodbye to say!

  5. I cried a lot when you said That everything is over between us That everything is over between the twoI thought of the memories old and new Times when we were together I have no love left in heart It’s all over from my side It’s all over I want to say!

  6. I cried a lot when you said That everything is over between us That everything is over between the twoI thought of the memories old and new Times when we were together I have no love left in heart It’s all over from my side It’s all over I want to say!

  7. A goodbye may not end everything There are feelings left deep in the heart So what if we were not meant to be You will remain a part Of my memory and my life, know that Wish you all the good luck ahead It’s a final goodbye from my side Stay blessed wherever you go in life!

  8. Life can be seen in loveLove is when life is there What if someone leaves you and go What if someone just does not care You never understood my feeling You caught me in the reeling I have lost all know that I can’t take this anymore Its goodbye from me to you!

  9. I knew that you would do this I could read it on your face There was something missing my love I could see that with trace Things have lost somehow And I don’t feel the same now It’s just over between you and me It’s just over and things to see Goodbye from my side!

  10. Breakup is a sad part I know But what’s the point in store To stay together when there is no love When staying together becomes tough It’s better to part ways in life Its better to this way survive Breakup is really tough I know But things will always remain Its difference in yours and my name Goodbye from me to you!

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