Bigg Boss 14 Houses Contestant Gossips and Fights

Bigg Boss 14 Houses Contestant Gossips and Fights

1Bartan dhone ko lekar hua @nikkitamboli aur @jasminbhasin

ke beech bawaal… Ye makers agar BB13 ki tarah household duties grand premiere m hi dae dete tho ye bawaal hota nhi


 2 – #PavitraPunia about facing #ParasChhabra inside house “I just hve one sh¡t in my life & if he has even a bit of self-respect & sense left, he’ll not enter the BB house in my presence & even if he does, he shouldn’t rub me d wrong way or else he would face d dire consequences”


3 – #PavitraPunia on being asked about #ParasChhabra performance in BiggBoss 13 She said “I don’t wish to talk about people who are dependent on women. Mai aise insaan ke baare mein baat nahi karna chahti jo ladkiyo ki khairaat par jee raha ho..”


4 – #ShehzadDeol on who has been his favourite in previous seasons “I really like Ajaz, Gautam Gulati, I liked Hina Khan, though she was in some sort of a diff image, throughout the history of BiggBoss, there has been no one like Shehnaaz Gill.”


5 – #EijazKhan : I relate to people who r no-nonsense, straight forward & real. I’m not smart or diplomatic. I relate to Sidharth Shukla a little. My favourites Asim Riaz, Shehnaz Gill very cute, I don’t know if she played the game or that’s how she was but she was very effective.


6 – #NishantSinghMalkani : I really liked Asim bcoz he came out of nowhere & was an underdog; played the game with honesty, including tasks & relationships, he did not leave the side of his friend even in the worst of situation & when though that same friend, Sidharth Shukla…

And When Sidharth Shukla is going in the wrong direction, he (Asim) did have the guts to stand up to him and I think that kind of strength only comes from true character.


7 – #NishantSinghMalkani : I know that even if 100 people ll abuse me, 1 crore will abuse them & I’ve that much trust in my audience that they love me that much. I’ve no tension on that front. I was initially anxious bcoz it is unknown territory but that has now turned to excitement.

They Argument And Gossips About Contestant In House Of #BIGGBOSS14

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