Apple Launch Home Pod Mini

iPhone 12: $799The #HomePodMini is here…#AppleEvent

Deep integration with iPhone for #HomepodMini, of course: Ask for a custom update, and it will walk through your schedule. Siri can recognize different household members of course. It also automatically integrates with Home app and Homekit devices
Home Pod MIni
Home Pod MIni
Home Pod MIni
Home Pod MIni
Computational audio: Complex tuning models control the positioning of the drivers and other accoustics to create “breakthrough audio quality,” Apple says. Multiple units will play together (Sonos) and put two in a room and they’ll work in tandem for stereo.
Buy two Homepod Minis and you can use them as an intercom system. That’s kinda cool. If I lived in a giant complex that merited an intercom system. Sigh
That transition for the Apple HomePod Mini, where the camera circles round the speaker into a tiny living room, shows how far ahead Apple is from everyone else when it comes to virtual events like this.
Home Pod MIni
HomePod Mini
Much smaller S5 chip for “Computational audio” U1 Ultra wideband chip
Price – $99
I’m… gonna have to hear it to be a believer. Still no Spotify. And I called the first HomePod the “Dumbest Smart Speaker” thanks to Siri

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